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  • Bactericide-Fungicide-Sporicide-Virucide.

    Instrudet is a concentrated cleaner-disinfectant for

    pre-disinfection and cleaning by soaking,

    of all medical-surgical instrumentation

  • Bactericide-Fungicide-Sporicide.

    Sterasurf is a concentrated cleaner-disinfectant for cleaning

    and disinfection of surfaces and soil.

    Disinfection and cleaning of non-invasive medical devices

  • Bactericide-Fungicide-Sporicide-Virucide.

    Manidet is a cleansing lotion for hygienic washing

    hands in medical and food settings

  • Water-alcoholic gel:


    Ethagel is used for the hygienic treatment of hands by friction.

  • Bactericide-Fungicide-Virucide.

    Manidet CH plusIs a cleanser-disinfectant for surgical disinfection

    hands by washing. Liquid soap without dye, enriched with moisturizing agents

  • Bactericide-Fungicide-Sporicide-Virucide.

    Endodet is a cleaner - disinfectant

    concentrate for pre-disinfection

    and automatic manual cleaning of equipment

    endoscopy and heat-sensitive material

    and medical devices.

  • Recommended for fried hygiene
    hand quente and general body cleaning to
    the ideal hospital in public places

  • Disinfectant detergent foam,
    for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces,
    non-immersible and non-invasive medical devices



Hospital hygiene: hospital disinfectant and detergent products, termpage and instrument block washing

Pre-disinfection of surgical medical instruments, cleaning and disinfection hospitals, clinics, medical offices, dental..

Founded in 2016, LES LABORATOIRES STERIDET is a Tunisian company that designs, manufactures and markets pre-disinfectant and/or disinfectant products for the medical and paramedical environment (hospitals, clinics, medical offices, dental...).

Our Laboratory is committed to meeting the expectations of health professionals by creating new products, adapting to the development of equipment and technologies and helping to reduce the risk of infections.

Our team is dedicated to providing healthcare professionals and institutions with high quality products.